Sage & UFOSend e-Marketing Solution




E-marketing system such as UFOSend has been widely used in the market for sending eDM / SMS to customers on product promotion, seasonal greetings etc.   E-marketing helps generate sales and builds customer loyalty. With Sage+UFOSend link, you can now easily upload information from Sage 300 ERP (e.g. email, name, customer group, birthday day) to UFOSend for sending emails or SMS to target customers. You can benefit from this integrated platform on the following:


  1. Save manpower: One click to upload data from Sage to UFOSend
  2. Segment your customer data in Sage 300 ERP for sending emails or SMS
  3. One click to send bulk emails or SMS at preset date & time
  4. Mobile friendly eDM templates are available for your selection
  5. Personalise your email or SMS e.g. customer name on eDM
  6. Automate email or SMS sending e.g. system sends greeting eDM on customer's birthday day
  7. Compile with government regulations and unsubscribing service is available
  8. Real time analysis reports are available on analysing customer behaviour e.g interested topic, open rate