Office 365 includes a variety of applications and services that form the basis of employee digital workplace.  Lobster Limited provides SharePoint services to enable multifaceted cloud collaboration in your enterprise with powerful cloud-hosted solutions comprising various Office 365 features.   Our service team is experienced in deploying Microsoft solutions from installation, data migration, consultation to system implementation.  We are Microsoft Silver Partner and being certified in various professional areas.


Microsoft Certified Competencies:

Gold Windows and Devices
Silver Small & Midmarket Cloud Solutions
Networking Infrastructure Solutions
Advanced Infrastructure Solutions
Data Management Solutions
Microsoft Certified Professional NT (MCP)
Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer NT (MCSE)
Microsoft Certified Database Administrator (MCDBA)


We Provide SharePoint Services in a Single Kit


We help you select a suitable Office 365 subscription plan aligned with your budget, IT strategy and collaboration scope. We can implement the selected Office 365 toolset in line with the Microsoft requirements and set your cloud solution to ensure its efficient management and use.    


1) SharePoint Employee Intranet Portal 

An internal portal facilitates working and social activities of employees.  Employee can view company news or events & retrieve popular document or form easily.  Each department or group can own their portal to increase timely retrieval of relevant information.  Portal can also be extended to customer groups for effective communication of necessary information such as updated promotion and pricing.   




2) SharePoint Document Management Control

SharePoint provides you a powerful document management platform.   Not even the company can manage their documents systemically under folders, each document can be tagged with key index e.g  author, document type, publishing date, approval status.   SharePoint sets up to automatically capture document's modify date, modified person, version sequence no. for listing reference.





3) Form Design & Workflow Management 

SharePoint Designer is a powerful tool for company to design own forms such as Leave Form, Expenses Claim, Job Sheet.   You can also design multiple workflow approval flow for employees to submit the form to managers for approval.   Approvers will receive email to alert for the approval.




4) SharePoint Calendar 

Integrating with other SharePoint features, SharePoint Calendar records events, job assignment etc.   Employees can easily view their calendar through desktop or mobile device.