Sage 300 Resource Manager



Sage 300 Resource Manager provides a powerful and easy tool for tracking employee expense, time usage, leave and overtime, managing purchase , item usage, A/P invoice and any user-defined requisitions, scheduling project tasks and planning project resources with Sage 300. By providing the web-based and mobile-based employee self-service portal, and a fully Sage 300-integrated backend application, Resource Manager simplifies and streamlines the documents and requisitions entry, approval and accounting process.


  • Web-based and mobile-based Employee portal enables real time entry and approval process
  • Sage 300-based Backend application provides the seamless integration with Sage 300
  • Sets up multi-level approval workflow for documents and requisitions
  • Enters timesheet with detail comments in Standard or In/Out format
  • Schedules project tasks and plans project resources with Gantt-Chart enabled web interface
  • Post documents and requisitions to Sage 300 automatically
  • Facilitates document/requisition submission and approvals with email alerts
  • Full multi-currency support for expense reporting and reimbursement
  • Extensive inquiries and reporting functionality

The Expense module allows entry of employee expenses across Divisions, Regions, Departments and Cost Centers. If project module is enabled, the expense can be entered against Projects, Phases and Tasks to track the cost incurred on project. 

  • Creates unlimited expense codes with specific G/L account
  • Sets up expense budget and limit to keep expense under control
  • Enters expenses against Divisions, Regions, Departments and Cost Centers
  • Enters expense in multi-currency and in quantity
  • Option to make expenses billable/non-billable and reimbursable/non-reimbursable
  • Calculates purchase tax for expense automatically or leave it entered manually
  • Attaches multiple documents to an expense report for reference
  • Posts expense entry to Sage 300 GL, AP, PJC Timecard or Payroll Timecard.
  • Creates AR invoices to bill customers for billable expenses

The Time Management suite includes three components: Timesheet, Leave and Overtime.


  • The Timesheet module tracks time on Projects, Phases and Tasks with both a cost and a billing rate applied to the worked time
  • The approved timesheet can be directly passed to Sage 300 side for accounting purpose
  • Sets up work calendar to define workday, weekend and holiday for employees
  • Creates timesheet period to define the frequency to submit timesheet
  • Validates minimum or maximum work time on daily or period basis
  • Defines regular daily working time for employee.
  • Displays timesheet in grid or in/out format
  • Enters time against Project, Phase, WBS and Task if project module is enabled
  • Posts timesheet to Sage 300 PJC Timecard and Payroll Timecard

Leave Tracking and Overtime Tracking

The Leave module manages various types and principles for vacation and leave in the organization, tracks leave account and history for employees. Web-based and Mobile-based screens enable entry and approval process anytime and anywhere

The Overtime module tracks request and approval for overtime, and manages overtime bank for employees. Overtime bank can be taken through the Leave module or cashed from the Payroll module.

The Requisition module includes four functionalities, Purchase Requisition, Item Usage Requisition, A/P Invoice Requisition and Custom Requisition.

Purchase Requisition

The R/M Purchase Requisition can be raised via a web browser with quotations specified for items. By enabling the Budget function, the purchasing activities can be kept under control. The approved purchase requisition can be converted to Sage 300 P/O Requisition Entry or P/O Purchase Order for further purchasing action.

  • Web-based entry and approval process
  • Sets up purchase types with specific workflows for different purchase needs
  • Creates buyers to define who can purchase and what can be purchased
  • Maintains quotations for items for management to make better decisions
  • Attaches multiple documents to a purchase requisition for reference
  • Sets up purchase budget to keep purchase activities under control
  • Job Related Purchase Requisition can be created
  • Converts R/M PR to Sage 300 P/O Requisition Entry or PO

Item Usage Requisition

  • Sets up the Employee database to specify the items that an employee can request
  • Issues items to employee by creating Sage I/C internal usage
  • Calculates item requirements against approved item usage requisitions
  • Option to consider the current Sage P/O purchase orders in calculation
  • Option to consider R/M and P/O Requisitions entries in calculation
  • Creates R/M purchase requisition automatically

A/P Invoice Requisition and Custom Requisition

The A/P Invoice Requisition functionality simplifies the A/P invoice entry, allows attachments to the requisition, and provides multi-level approval workflow. The approved A/P invoice requisition can be directly passed to Sage 300 Account Payable module

The Custom Requisition functionality enables unlimited user-defined requisitions types. With the ability of customizing workflow, attaching document and printing report, you can define various custom requisitions to meet your business management needs 


The Project module facilitates the project management and accounting purpose in one database, helps project managers easily manage phases, WBS, tasks, team and milestone for the Project, and efficiently plan the project resources with Sage 300.

  • Creates and manages projects with Sage300-Based interfaces
  • Manages project schedule in GANTT view on a web browser
  • Schedules project activities with the drag and drop ability on a web browser.
  • True visibility into the employee status for a particular period
  • Option to manage project standalone and bill customers for billable expense and labor
  • Option to integrate with Sage PJC and pass the billable expense and time to PJC timecard